Happiness is circumstantial. Joy is a decision.

Deciding on Joy Book

De·cid·ing on Joy

/diˈsīdiNG ôn joi/

powerful verb

The action of “killing off” or “cutting off” any choice that does not lead to joy.


Deciding on Joy is the transformational agent to create beauty from the ugliness of a breakup.

  • It helps women to peel back the pretense to embrace their truth with the grace of their strength.
  • It helps women to stand boldly on the precipice of their rebirth and prepare to fly.
  • It moves them to be unapologetic about creating a joyful life that transforms the ordinary to be truly extraordinary.
  • It equips them to draw on the best of their life to make the best of a devastation and create a brilliantly beautiful new life.
  • It teaches them that vulnerability is their beginning of a transformation from broken to whole.
  • It is roadmap for the rediscovery of the woman who had the power all along to create the life she always dreamed of.
  • It is an eloquent story of the journey from break up to breakthrough.


Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes’ self-help book, “Deciding on Joy! My Journey from Breakup to Breakthrough in 30 Days,” proposes to guide women through the necessary steps to come out of a heartbreak with resiliency and peace of mind. She uses a combination of journal entries, writing activities, positive affirmations, and powerful narrative to share her own experience as an example of recovery from divorce. … Throughout her book, Dr. Barnes uses stirring language to passionately express all of the feelings associated with the ending of—and recovery from—a relationship. She employs powerful metaphors to captivate her audience as seen in the following excerpts: “Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but ultimately you get the indigestion.” … She writes in such a way that the message is heard loud and clear, but with a gentle wit that embraces the reader in acceptance. … Bravo, Dr. Barnes! … I recommend this book to readers who are looking for an uplifting and motivating take on how to manage all of the challenges that come with the end of a stable and loving marriage (or otherwise long-term romantic relationship). Dr. Barnes covers all relevant aspects including handling the financial settlement and how to tell family members that the marriage is over. … Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes provides readers with a resource that teaches them that with faith in God and the will to overcome, they can thrive after a difficult break-up. Dr. Barnes’ book provides a much-needed strategy for anyone seeking a break from the tumultuous aftermath of the ending of a meaningful romantic relationship. Readers will find much solace in the plan of action proposed in this movingly written publication. Reader Views 

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